Our small, family run business is dedicated to producing the highest quality organic cotton baby products at affordable prices. We are able to do this by carefully choosing our manufacturers in India, which has been known for centuries for it's fine textiles. India is also the largest exporter of organic cotton in the world. Many maufacturers of textiles in China use cotton imported from India. And still other manufacturers claim to use organic cotton but are not certified.

       At Cambria Baby, our organic cotton is GOTS certified; ( by Global Organic Cotton Standards). Being GOTS certified means more than having our material consist of organically grown cotton. It also means fair trade; good wages and working conditions in the field and the factory. 

      Cambria Baby's mission is clear: To provide parents the security of knowing their children can sleep on cotton that is fee from chemical pollutants, and do our part to help restore the health of the planet. We feel good that we contribute to the movement toward a sustainable future, not just for your children, but our children's children and generations to come.