About us

We at Cambria baby know what it is to love a child, and the irrepressible urge to put your child’s health and happiness above all else. This is no small task in today’s complicated world!

We are here to help your baby get off to the very best start in life, by providing certified organic cotton baby linens, sleepwear and accessories.

Your Baby’s and health comfort and are our highest priority.

We share in your growing concern over how our children are affected by harmful chemicals present in our everyday food, clothing and environment. We now know commercially grown cotton accounts for nearly 25% of the world’s insecticides, herbicides and fungicides, which leave harmful chemicals in our clothing and linens. In order to eliminate our sensitive babies’ exposure to these toxic residues, the necessity to switch to organic cotton is paramount.

Cambria Baby’s mission is to contribute to the health of both your baby and our environment.

We achieve this goal by using only cotton that is certified to meet the Global Organic Textile Standard, *(GOTS). This insures the purity of our products. In addition, our carefully sourced cotton is ring spun and triple combed for softness.

As aware consumers we feel more of a connection and responsibility toward global well-being than ever before. By choosing GOTS certified organic cotton, we not only safeguard our children’s health and protect the environment, we also ensure fair trade.

Our cotton is grown and manufactured in India, the world’s largest producer of organic cotton. GOTS certification ensures it is truly organic, as well as fair wages and safe working conditions for farmers and manufacturers.

At Cambria Baby, we feel privileged to contribute to the health of your baby, and a sustainable future for all.

In addition to our product offerings, we seek to provide information about other ways to make the healthiest home environment for your child. We hope you will find our summary of safe sleep practices and creating a healthy, nontoxic nursery helpful.

How Cambria baby was Conceived

I'm Karen Haskins, co-owner of Cambria Baby with my husband Mark. Thank You for taking the time to read our story!

Both my husband and I have a background in wholistic health, Mark as practitioner of Oriental medicine and I as an aesthetician providing natural skin care. When we started our family it was a priority that we nourish our children with whole organic foods, and seek to maintain a healthy, non-toxic home environment.

In this hectic society, I feel very fortunate I was able to stay home with my children in their early years. Once they entered school I became eager to reboot my career in a new direction. I sought something meaningful, somehow combining my talents with my husband’s knowledge, in a way that promoted natural living and a sustainable future. I had been a child photographer, aesthetician, artist, and, most importantly, a mother. As a practitioner of Oriental medicine Mark had knowledge of nutrition and helped others heal by teaching them to live in balance with nature.

Karen with Son Gabriel and Daughter Mikaela

As I studied ways to leave our planet in better shape for our children, I was aghast to learn that commercial cotton production is responsible for 25% of all pesticides used worldwide! In addition to the harm commercial cotton production causes the environment, many unfortunate farm and factory workers fall ill from exposure to these chemicals. Once harvested it is then processed with many more toxic agents, all of which leave unhealthy residues in our clothing and linens. The fact that almost all commercial cotton has been genetically modified to contain botulism toxin as a further insecticide was shocking.

I had found my purpose! I would make organic cotton textiles and clothing available to young families, contributing to a sustainable future for all.

Having already traveled to India several times to study yoga, I was pleased to discover 80% of the world’s organic cotton is grown there. Less hampered than most by a cultural divide, I easily developed a relationship with a GOTS certified manufacturer of high integrity, tested some designs, and Cambria Baby was born!

Everyday I feel blessed to take part in a larger movement to preserve what’s best in the world, and effect positive change.

We would like to thank you for choosing organic, for it is truly our small, everyday choices that change the world.

* To learn more about GOTS certification visit our information page and watch the short video